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  • I use Zoom for my live online yoga classes. Familiarize yourself with Zoom, so you can easily join the session.

  • There is a cutoff point of 3 minutes before the class starts when you can book a class. Try to book a class at least 5 minutes in advance so you get your link for the session.

  • Please sign in at least 5 minutes early, so we can begin on time. I want to be mindful of everybody's schedules.

  • When you join the session, you can opt to have your camera on or off. If your camera is on, I might give you some tips while you are in a pose. If you wish not to be addressed, you can either write that to me in the chat, or turn your camera off when we start the practice.

  • If you want to have the option for me to give you verbal adjustments, position yourself so that I can see you in your screen frame.

  • If there are technical issues on my end during a paid event or workshop (meaning: the internet fails, Zoom outage), I will try to switch over to facebook live (please follow me on facebook, so you can access the session). But you will get your money back.

  • Especially in Yin Yoga Magic, I often use props. They are fun to use, but I always offer alternatives.

Online Yoga Etiquette: About Me

By booking a class, you immediately agree to the terms and conditions in the waiver and liability release form.

Online Yoga Etiquette: Text
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