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Lara is a wonderful instructor who brings her beautiful heart into every practice. She has helped me to achieve new things in my practice that I’ve never been able to do before. She has also been a calming voice during these challenging times. I can’t say enough good things about Happy Cat Yoga!

Rebecca Johnson

Lara is a really amazing instructor! She is exceedingly kind and encouraging, and genuinely enthusiastic about her practice and sharing the journey with others. Lara's classes are super accessible, no matter your level of experience with yoga. She offers a variety of style of classes, and it's always a fresh and interesting (and fun!) experience. The online classes are a great way to keep active and grounded, when in-person classes aren't a possibility. Happy Cat Yoga is warm and welcoming, and I cannot recommend it strongly enough!

Eva Hathaway

Lara's ability to connect with others shines through in her yoga instruction. Lara has the ability to make you feel like she is in the room with you with her instinct of knowing just what you may need adjusting with each pose, while always being mindful and positive.
Happy Cat Yoga classes are for all yogi levels! I am still a beginner and am always needing to slow down and stretch, so Yin Yoga Magic is my go to! I feel so refreshed and at peace after Lara's sessions and I am making it my goal to make Happy Cat Yoga part of my weekly routine!
Another great thing about her Zoom Yoga format, other than it being safe from possible covid exposure, is that you can have a truly live yoga class experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Making it easier to center in and focus on yourself and your inner peace... without being distacted by what others around you are doing (but as Lara would remind you, just focus on what makes you feel good).

Natalea Wright

Lara is a great instructor. She's patient and talented in instructing students, even through Zoom! She offers a variety of classes and is inviting to beginners and established Yogis. Classes with Happy Cat Yoga are some of my favorite parts of the week!

Brittany Elizabeth

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